Food Safety & Security Graduate Fellowship at Tel Aviv University in Israel, 2017-2018

The Manna Center System for Meals Protection and Protection is happy to offer Meals Protection & Protection Graduate student Fellowship for 2017-2018 educational year. Learners from Israel are allowed to apply for this fellowship program.

The Manna Center Program for Food Safety and Security aims to encourage and enable research that will contribute to solving food security related challenges in Israel and around the world.

Manna Center’s Program for Food Safety and Security at Tel Aviv University seeks to bring together researchers from diverse academic disciplines to promote innovative research, to forge ties with professionals and academics around the world, and to prepare the next generation of scientists and policymakers to guide global food security issues.

Course Level: Fellowship is available to pursue graduate (Masters and PhD level) programme.

Study Subject: University believes that studying and addressing the complex issues of food security requires integration of knowledge and data from a wide array of fields including environmental, health, social, economic, biological, legal, policy-related, agricultural, business, computer science, engineering, social work, education, the arts and more.

Scholarship Award: Fellowships are for one year and must be matched by internal or research funds. In Life Sciences or Exact Sciences, the final level of the scholarship must be at least 150%. In other Faculties, the minimal final level is 100%. Previous recipients are eligible to re-apply for the scholarship.

Number of Scholarships: Number of special fellowships for outstanding graduates are available.

Scholarship can be taken in Israel

Eligibility: The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

The Manna Center Program for Food Safety and Security is offering a number of special fellowships for outstanding graduate (Masters and Ph.D. level) students at Tel Aviv University. Students from any discipline at Tel Aviv University are eligible to apply, as long as their research has relevance to Food Safety and Food Security. Fellowships will be awarded on the basis of relevance to food security and academic excellence.

Nationality: Students from Israel are eligible to apply for this fellowship program.

Israel Scholarships

How to Apply: Accepted fellows will be asked to submit a 250-word abstract of their research for the website at the beginning of the year, as well as give a summary and presentation of their research at end of the year. Additionally, fellows are required to attend the Manna Food Security Fellows Seminar and designated activities such as workshops and field trips that will be organized throughout the year. There will be approximately seven fellows meetings that will take place throughout the year.

Application Deadline: Fellowship application deadline is September 01, 2017.

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