List of Available Courses in Bowen University

Bowen University available undergraduate courses/programmes approved by the National Universities Commission.

Note: This page will be updated when a new programme is introduced.

Below are the wide range of courses offered in Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State.

Bowen University Undergraduate Courses.


  1. B.Sc. Anatomy (3 or 4 Year Programme)
  2. B.Sc. Physiology (3 or 4 Year Programme)
  3. Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) (5 or 6 Year Programme)
  4. Bachelor of Nursing Science (4or 5Year Programme)
  5. Bachelor of Physiotherapy (4 or 5Year Programme)

(B) FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE (4 or 5 Year Programme)

(a) B. Agric.
(i) Agricultural Economics and Farm Management
(ii) Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
(iii) Animal Science and Fisheries Management
(iv) Crop Production and Environmental Management
(b) B. Forestry and Environmental Technology
(c) B.Sc. Food Science and Technology
(d) B. Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics (4or 3 Year Programme)
(e) B. Fisheries and Aquaculture

(C) FACULTY OF EDUCATION (3 or 4 Year Programme)
(a) B.LIS. Bachelor of Library and Information Science
(b) B.Sc. (Ed.) Agricultural Science
(c) B.Sc. (Ed.) Biology
(d) B.Sc. (Ed.) Business Education
(e) B.Sc. (Ed.) Chemistry
(f) B.Sc. (Ed.) Computer Education
(g) B.Sc. (Ed.) Economics
(h) B. Ed. Educational Management
(i) B.A. (Ed.) English
(j) B.Sc. (Ed.) Home Economics
(k) B.Sc. (Ed.) Mathematics
(l) B.A. (Ed.) Music
(m) B.Sc. (Ed.) Physics
(n) B. A. (Ed.) Religious Studies

(D) FACULTY OF HUMANITIES (3 or 4 Year Programme)

1. Department of English
(i) Degree Programme

2. Department of History and International Studies
B. A. History
B.A. History and International Studies

3. Department of Communication and Performing Arts
B.A. Communication Arts
B. A. Theatre Arts

4. Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
B. A. Philosophy
B.A. Religious Studies

(E) FACULTY OF LAW (4 or 5 Year Programme)

(F) FACULTY OF SCIENCE (3 or 4 Year Programme)

(1) Department of Biological Sciences
B.Sc. Microbiology
B.Sc. Pure and Applied Biology

(2) Department of Biochemistry
B.Sc. Biochemistry

(3) Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry
B.Sc. Chemistry
B. Sc. Industrial Chemistry

(4) Department of Computer Science and Information Technology
B.Sc. Computer Science

(5) Department of Mathematics and StatisticsB.Sc. Mathematics
B. Sc. Statistics

(6) Department of Physics
B. Sc. Physics with Electronics


(1) Department of Accounting
B.Sc. Accounting

(2) Department of Banking and Finance
B.Sc. Banking and Finance

(3) Department of Business Administration
B.Sc. Business Administration
B. Sc. Industrial Relations and Personnel Management

(4) Department of Industrial Relations and Personnel Management
B. Sc. Industrial Relations and Personnel Management

(5) Department of Economics
B.Sc. Economics

(6) Department of Mass Communication
B.Sc. Mass Communication

(7) Department of Political Science and Diplomatic Studies
B.Sc. Political Science
B. Sc. International Relations

(8) Department of Sociology
B.Sc. Sociology

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